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[IMG]Brewster County Jail_360 dpi.tif08-May-2008 16:53 8.4M 
[IMG]Chisos Mine_Perry House.tif08-May-2008 17:06 9.5M 
[IMG]Mariposa_Study Butte.tif08-May-2008 17:07 8.0M 
[IMG]Mountains and Yucca.tif08-May-2008 17:08 8.8M 
[IMG]Perry and Udden_Terlingua Porch.tif07-May-2008 13:36 11M 
[IMG]Post Office Terlingua_S2714_N.15.1.001.tif07-May-2008 13:52 10M 
[IMG]Ruin and Perry Mansion.tif08-May-2008 17:08 9.2M 
[IMG]Ruin and Perry Mansion Label.tif08-May-2008 17:21 2.2M 
[IMG]Smuggling Sotol.tif07-May-2008 13:36 10M 
[IMG]Terlingua Store_Woodhaulers.tif07-May-2008 16:15 25M 
[IMG]Terlingua_man and cart.tif07-May-2008 13:48 10M 
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