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[IMG]roping.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 772K 
[IMG]Untitled-6.psd11-Oct-2004 16:43 911K 
[IMG]Copy of pack saddle horses.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 1.2M 
[IMG]pack saddle horses.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 1.2M 
[IMG]Copy of covered wagons.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 1.2M 
[IMG]covered wagons.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 1.2M 
[IMG]Copy of mounted horses with flag.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 1.3M 
[IMG]mounted horses with flag.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 1.3M 
[IMG]Copy of covered wagons 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 2.6M 
[IMG]covered wagons 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 2.6M 
[IMG]roping 4.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 2.8M 
[IMG]two people by big rock.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 2.8M 
[IMG]train.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 2.8M 
[IMG]Copy of cavalry.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 2.8M 
[IMG]cavalry.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 2.8M 
[IMG]Copy of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Prude.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 2.9M 
[IMG]Mr. and Mrs. Andy Prude.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 2.9M 
[IMG]Copy of men drinking coffee.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 3.0M 
[IMG]men drinking coffee.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 3.0M 
[IMG]roping 5.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 3.1M 
[IMG]roping 3.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 3.1M 
[IMG]roping 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 3.1M 
[IMG]Copy of Felts Cd cover.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 3.4M 
[IMG]Felts Cd cover.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 3.4M 
[IMG]street scene, Marfa.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 3.7M 
[IMG]Copy of Evelyn Shaw band leader.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 5.4M 
[IMG]Evelyn Shaw band leader.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 5.4M 
[IMG]sheep herding.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.0M 
[IMG]Copy of house with long side walk.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 6.3M 
[IMG]house with long side walk.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.3M 
[IMG]Pig, no. 3.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.3M 
[IMG]shoeing a bronc, no.2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.4M 
[IMG]Pig, no. 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.4M 
[IMG]Copy of couple with deer on car.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 6.4M 
[IMG]couple with deer on car.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.4M 
[IMG]Copy of man and boy on horses.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 6.4M 
[IMG]man and boy on horses.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.4M 
[IMG]Copy of group cookout 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 6.4M 
[IMG]group cookout 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.4M 
[IMG]Pig, no. 1.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.4M 
[IMG]Copy of group at chuck wagon.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 6.5M 
[IMG]group at chuck wagon.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.5M 
[IMG]three men on horseback.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 6.5M 
[IMG]Copy of Men On Horseback.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.5M 
[IMG]Men On Horseback.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.5M 
[IMG]roping and branding.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.5M 
[IMG]Copy of man on horse.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.5M 
[IMG]man on horse.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.5M 
[IMG]Copy of herd of new calves.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 6.5M 
[IMG]herd of new calves.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.5M 
[IMG]Copy of Murray Ranch.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.5M 
[IMG]Murray Ranch.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.5M 
[IMG]woman with stick + others.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 6.5M 
[IMG]Roundup 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.5M 
[IMG]Albert Gogan.tif11-Oct-2004 16:37 6.5M 
[IMG]Refugees in camp.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.5M 
[IMG]shoeing a bronc.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.5M 
[IMG]Refugee camp, Marfa.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.6M 
[IMG]Caufield boy 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 6.6M 
[IMG]Copy of Caufield boy 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 6.6M 
[IMG]Copy of catching calves and ready for hot iron.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 6.6M 
[IMG]catching calves and ready for hot iron.tif11-Oct-2004 16:37 6.6M 
[IMG]Two couples with auto.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 6.6M 
[IMG]Copy of group cookout.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 6.6M 
[IMG]group cookout.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.6M 
[IMG]Copy of man with hat on horse.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.6M 
[IMG]man with hat on horse.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.6M 
[IMG]vacinating round up.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 6.7M 
[IMG]roundup 4.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.7M 
[IMG]Copy of party goers at Vaughn ranch.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.7M 
[IMG]party goers at Vaughn ranch.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.7M 
[IMG]Copy of Man and sheep.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.7M 
[IMG]Man and sheep.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.7M 
[IMG]Copy of group in front of rock structure.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 6.7M 
[IMG]group in front of rock structure.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.7M 
[IMG]Copy of Picnic at limpia canyon.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 6.8M 
[IMG]Picnic at limpia canyon.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 6.8M 
[IMG]Copy of House with long drive, no. 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 6.8M 
[IMG]House with long drive, no. 2.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 6.8M 
[IMG]Copy of boys with dog and lamb.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 6.8M 
[IMG]boys with dog and lamb.tif11-Oct-2004 16:37 6.8M 
[IMG]Copy of boy in stream.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 6.8M 
[IMG]boy in stream.tif11-Oct-2004 16:37 6.8M 
[IMG]after branding.tif11-Oct-2004 16:37 6.8M 
[IMG]Bill Bunton Ranch.tif11-Oct-2004 16:37 6.8M 
[IMG]Copy of Bill Bunton Ranch.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 6.8M 
[IMG]Two women.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 7.0M 
[IMG]two chidlen holding hands.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 7.0M 
[IMG]Roundup 1.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 7.0M 
[IMG]Caufield boy.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 7.0M 
[IMG]Copy of Caufield boy.tif11-Oct-2004 16:38 7.0M 
[IMG]roping 6.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 7.0M 
[IMG]Roundup 3.tif11-Oct-2004 16:42 7.0M 
[IMG]two men on horses.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 7.1M 
[IMG]girls on the rocks.tif11-Oct-2004 16:40 7.1M 
[IMG]Three men at Madera springs.tif11-Oct-2004 16:43 7.1M 
[IMG]Copy of group cookout 3.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 7.1M 
[IMG]group cookout 3.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 7.1M 
[IMG]Copy of Herman W. and Anna Felts.tif11-Oct-2004 16:39 20M 
[IMG]Herman W. and Anna Felts.tif11-Oct-2004 16:41 20M 

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