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[   ]Thumbs.db04-Jul-2003 13:26 145K 
[IMG]MF and JF AHF subcollege.tif24-Mar-2003 10:09 2.7M 
[IMG]MF portrait as a girl.tif21-Mar-2003 16:05 3.2M 
[IMG]M.F. cropped in group.tif24-Mar-2003 10:16 3.4M 
[IMG]MF cropped in group B.tif24-Mar-2003 16:53 3.4M 
[IMG]MF child with bonnet.tif24-Mar-2003 16:59 3.5M 
[IMG]MF and JF at Reata.tif24-Mar-2003 08:59 3.6M 
[IMG]MF and M System truck.tif24-Mar-2003 08:49 3.7M 
[IMG]MF as girl in play car.tif25-Mar-2003 09:25 3.8M 
[IMG]Francois CD Cover.tif04-Jul-2003 14:18 3.9M 
[IMG]MF and GP.tif24-Mar-2003 09:53 4.0M 
[IMG]MF, JF, and Dr. Morgan.tif24-Mar-2003 08:48 4.2M 
[IMG]Mf and JF last picture.tif24-Mar-2003 08:58 4.3M 
[IMG]MF and JF in Scotland.tif24-Mar-2003 09:35 4.5M 
[IMG]MF portrait as small child.tif24-Mar-2003 09:22 4.5M 
[IMG]MF portrait with book.tif24-Mar-2003 09:13 4.6M 
[IMG]MF with cake.tif24-Mar-2003 08:57 4.7M 
[IMG]MF and JF receiving declaration.tif24-Mar-2003 08:53 4.8M 
[IMG]MF studio portrait color.tif24-Mar-2003 14:28 4.9M 
[IMG]MF portrait as a girl version 2.tif24-Mar-2003 09:23 4.9M 
[IMG]M.F. with deer.tif25-Mar-2003 09:31 5.1M 
[IMG]Francois Fine Arts Building.tif24-Mar-2003 14:55 6.1M 
[IMG]M.F. in highschool.tif24-Mar-2003 10:10 8.2M 
[IMG]M.F. in grad. outfit.tif24-Mar-2003 10:45 8.4M 
[IMG]MF band studio portrait.tif24-Mar-2003 09:51 8.7M 
[IMG]M.F. with horn.tif24-Mar-2003 14:49 8.8M 
[IMG]MF studio portrait.tif24-Mar-2003 10:45 10M 
[IMG]MF and JF portrait.tif24-Mar-2003 15:12 11M 
[IMG]MF studio portrait ruffles.tif21-Mar-2003 16:40 20M 
[IMG]MF and JF wedding portrait.tif24-Mar-2003 09:48 20M 
[IMG]President's Perspective.tif24-Mar-2003 15:49 23M 

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