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[IMG]2 Women and Baby.tif28-Aug-2007 17:46 18M 
[IMG]Anderson Group.tif30-Aug-2007 16:44 14M 
[IMG]Anderson Group 02.tif30-Aug-2007 16:52 14M 
[IMG]Anderson Group 03.tif30-Aug-2007 16:55 14M 
[IMG]Anderson Ranch_Alpine.tif30-Aug-2007 15:04 19M 
[IMG]Anderson Ranch_Alpine 02.tif30-Aug-2007 15:07 19M 
[IMG]Anderson Ranch_Alpine 03.tif30-Aug-2007 15:13 19M 
[IMG]Anderson Ranch_Alpine 04.tif30-Aug-2007 15:17 20M 
[IMG]Ann Anderson.tif30-Aug-2007 14:54 15M 
[IMG]Ann_Grandfather Jim Anderson.tif30-Aug-2007 15:00 16M 
[IMG]Ann_Pony.tif28-Aug-2007 17:10 14M 
[IMG]Branding Scene.tif28-Aug-2007 16:59 19M 
[IMG]C. Phelps and Miss Marshall.tif28-Aug-2007 15:54 13M 
[IMG]Carrie A. Phelps 01.tif29-Aug-2007 13:34 20M 
[IMG]Carrie A. Phelps 02.tif29-Aug-2007 13:39 20M 
[IMG]Carrie A. Phelps 03.tif29-Aug-2007 13:43 9.6M 
[IMG]Carrie A. Phelps 04.tif29-Aug-2007 17:10 8.8M 
[IMG]Carrie A. Phelps 05.tif29-Aug-2007 17:13 21M 
[IMG]Carrie Anderson.tif29-Aug-2007 15:19 32M 
[IMG]Carrie Anderson Riggs Phelps.tif29-Aug-2007 12:53 39M 
[IMG]Cheryl Rackley_5th Grade.tif29-Aug-2007 12:50 8.8M 
[IMG]Child_Horse Scooter.tif29-Aug-2007 12:47 7.3M 
[IMG]Clyde Riggs.tif28-Aug-2007 15:57 7.9M 
[IMG]Couple _Tintype.tif29-Aug-2007 12:21 9.6M 
[IMG]Cowboy_Ft David.tif28-Aug-2007 15:46 14M 
[IMG]Cowboy_Wood Pile.tif29-Aug-2007 12:04 15M 
[IMG]Dick Riggs Summer House.tif29-Aug-2007 17:06 22M 
[IMG]Dick Riggs Summer House 02.tif29-Aug-2007 17:15 22M 
[IMG]Dick Riggs_Kate Rogers.tif29-Aug-2007 13:12 13M 
[IMG]Dick Riggs_Mountian Lion.tif29-Aug-2007 15:31 19M 
[IMG]Dick and Erma Riggs_Carrie Phelps.tif29-Aug-2007 13:07 9.5M 
[IMG]Erma_Dick Riggs.tif29-Aug-2007 12:56 19M 
[IMG]Erma_Dick Riggs 02.tif30-Aug-2007 12:00 16M 
[IMG]Family Photo.tif28-Aug-2007 15:42 14M 
[IMG]Ford Bell Rackley.tif29-Aug-2007 12:43 20M 
[IMG]Forrest And Clyde Perkins.tif29-Aug-2007 13:23 9.2M 
[IMG]Forrest Perkins.tif29-Aug-2007 13:25 19M 
[IMG]Ina Anderson.tif30-Aug-2007 14:17 31M 
[IMG]Ina Anderson 02.tif30-Aug-2007 14:30 19M 
[IMG]Ina and Jim and friends.tif30-Aug-2007 16:03 18M 
[IMG]Ina and Jim at home.tif28-Aug-2007 17:21 19M 
[IMG]J. R. Anderson Family.tif29-Aug-2007 12:34 22M 
[IMG]J. R. Anderson_Dick Dunbar.tif29-Aug-2007 12:40 27M 
[IMG]James Rogers.tif30-Aug-2007 12:05 29M 
[IMG]James Ross Anderson.tif29-Aug-2007 12:29 21M 
[IMG]James and Kate Rogers Family.tif30-Aug-2007 12:03 31M 
[IMG]Jim's Ranch Home.tif28-Aug-2007 17:01 19M 
[IMG]Jim's Ranch Home 02.tif29-Aug-2007 12:14 20M 
[IMG]Jim Anderson.tif30-Aug-2007 14:15 31M 
[IMG]Jim Anderson 02.tif30-Aug-2007 14:24 31M 
[IMG]Jim Anderson_Alpine Ranch.tif30-Aug-2007 15:21 19M 
[IMG]Jim Anderson_Camping.tif30-Aug-2007 16:38 15M 
[IMG]Kate Anderson Rogers.tif30-Aug-2007 12:06 32M 
[IMG]Kate Anderson Rogers 02.tif29-Aug-2007 13:04 13M 
[IMG]Kate Anderson Rogers 03.tif30-Aug-2007 14:08 12M 
[IMG]Kate Anderson Rogers_Sister Carrie.tif29-Aug-2007 12:58 14M 
[IMG]Little Dick Riggs_left.tif28-Aug-2007 15:49 21M 
[IMG]Luther Anderson.tif30-Aug-2007 14:12 19M 
[IMG]Luther Anderson 02.tif30-Aug-2007 15:36 16M 
[IMG]Luther Anderson 03.tif30-Aug-2007 15:44 16M 
[IMG]Luther Anderson 04.tif30-Aug-2007 16:30 15M 
[IMG]Luther Anderson_Shooting.tif30-Aug-2007 16:40 15M 
[IMG]Luther_Jennie_ Ann Anderson.tif30-Aug-2007 14:27 21M 
[IMG]Luther and Jim Anderson.tif30-Aug-2007 16:08 18M 
[IMG]Luther and Jim Anderson_Model T.tif30-Aug-2007 16:19 15M 
[IMG]Man_Buck.tif28-Aug-2007 17:51 16M 
[IMG]Miss Madlin Dupree.tif29-Aug-2007 12:19 22M 
[IMG]Old Couple.tif28-Aug-2007 16:04 15M 
[IMG]Old Couple_Front Porch.tif28-Aug-2007 17:04 19M 
[IMG]Old Ranch House.tif28-Aug-2007 17:12 15M 
[IMG]Price fixing for a ride.tif28-Aug-2007 15:35 8.9M 
[IMG]Southern Arizona Mountains.tif29-Aug-2007 17:09 16M 
[   ]Thumbs.db31-Aug-2007 15:09 32K 

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