On June 11, 1965 a devastating flood struck Sanderson, Texas. In its wake twenty six people were dead or missing. In the area of the cemetery was a great deal of damage. Many stones, caskets, and markers were washed away. In the rear of Cedar Grove stands a monument over the re-interred remains that were found. The list below is an attempt to reconstruct, in a partial way, a cemetery listing of the missing stones. By researching the newspapers obits and courthouse records this list has been compiled. There is no guarantee that every name in this list did, at one time, have a stone or marker, but it at least provides material for further research. Italics indicate more than one record stating Cedar Grove Cemetery as place of internment.

Allen, Beulah Rae

Allen, Eula May

Allen, Laura Mansfield

Askin, Henry

Bankhead, Ancelmo

Bell, Infant Female

Bell, Infant Male

Bendele, Infant Female

Blashka, Adolph

Bosworth, Betty Ivanhoe Rucker

Brandau, Howard Clinton

Bridges, Lee

Chism, Infant Male

Cox, Allene

Dacy/Dacey, Galan

Davis, Mary Ruth

Dawson, Benjamin Franklin

Dennard, Clarence Horace

Doak, Infant Male

Doak, Robbie Jeannie

Doak, Robert Lauderdale

Duelin, Betty Jean

Drake, Infant Male

Dunman, J. Riley Jr.

Franklin, Ezra Davis

Fowler, Claude

Gates, Henry L.

Hudson, Gladys

Hunter, Floy

Jones, J. (Jacob) C.

Lout, Dorris Syble

Mason, Infant Male

McAdams, Virginia Lee

McDonald, Earl Roosevelt "Huck"

McDonald, Theodore Charles

McDonald, Cordell Conn

McDonald, Harvey

McDonald, Noma

McDonald, Novis Laverne

McDonald, O.C. Newton

McDonald, Ramona

McDonald, Ray

McDonald, Rufus Milton

McKee, John T.

McMillan, T. Hubbard

McSparran, Infant Daughter

McSparran, Infant Son

Medlock, Wesley

Morris, Ann

Nance, Austin Terrell Jr.

Parker, James Anderson

Pastrick, John F.

Pauli, Clara Altha Lacey

Pauli, Walter Herman

Payne, James Joe Allen

Prosser, Thomas Jefferson

Rawls, George W.

Rogers, Dotia Bosworth

Rogers, Nicholas Clyde

Ross, Daniel L.

Ross, Nancy Elizabeth Burleson

Ruston, Infant female

Rutledge, Ira Moody

Rutledge, Katy Elizabeth

Scott, Johnnie Ray

Sharp, John Quincy

Sherod, Infant female

Stevenson, Charles R.

Stevenson, Frances Ellen

Stout, Alivia Adeline Taylor

Stout, Clem

Stout, George Washington

Stout, John (James) Henry

Stout, John

Stout, Quillar

Tarver, James Lafayette

Tarver, Paul C.

Thomas, Charles Wally

Thomas, Sharon

Thomas, Yvonne Maria

Thompson, Infant female

Tumlinson, Nattie Lenora

Turner, Violet June Julia

Van Zandt, Lucy Lee

Wagner, John A. Edward "Johnny"

Wagner, Ada Laverne Dennis

Willis, Alfred

Yeates, Twin Girls

Young, Henry Clay