Tuesday, January 15, 2013

9:00 am


In Attendance:  Ricardo Maestas, Quint Thurman, Cesario Valenzuela, Denise Groves, Chandragupta Gudena, Paul Sorrels via ITV, Yvonne Realivasquez - recording


I.                   Announcements & Development

A.    Faculty Staff meeting in Alpine went well.  The RGC meeting has been cancelled due to the need for Sul Ross to provide testimony to the Senate Finance Committee on 1/25/2013.

B.     Heze University has invited Dr. Thurman and Dr. Maestas to be guests in China for a tour of the University.

C.     Bob McLean, Microbiologist, has expressed interest to be a speaker and to discuss how our interested faculty can become a Regent’s Professor. 

D.    Valenzuela announced that the housing bonds had been refinanced.  Our new bonds sold and we reduced to 2 ¾%, with a 1.8 million savings over the life of the bonds.  Reduce debt service to 80k – 100k per year.  If we can keep occupancy at current levels, we should be able to break even now in housing operations.  The LBB filed their budget estimate which becomes SB1 for the next biennium.  Oil and Gas Industry, Public Education – included a drop in budget and layoffs in school districts. 

E.     Gudena announced that yesterday they decided to shut down banner because there was an Oracle patch for Java.  Internet Native Banner was affected during the day, but it has been corrected.

F.      Lobo Days Orientation was held yesterday. 

G.    Dr. Roland Smith requested information about how much our students are receiving in financial aid.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    1-8-2013 Tabled pending review.


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

A.    List serves Email System – This was tabled pending further discussion.  Maestas asked Gudena to look into the system to make changes.    

B.     Competitive Scholarship Language – tabled pending more information. 

C.     Employee Tuition Waiver for Dependents – EC discussed but needs review. EC will review other institution’s policies regarding this to enable Sul Ross to implement a similar policy.

D.    Faculty Handbook 3.01 Library and Information Technologies - EC tabled pending review.

E.     Housing Proposal – via Mark Chaszar to allow for apartments for juniors/seniors.  EC approved the proposal with the condition that a lease agreement would be signed.  Each student would be required to sign the lease to be accountable for the housing. 

IV.             Reports

A.    President’s Report

1.      Maestas handed out a document for the environmental scan that will be used in the strategic planning process.  He requested feedback from EC members.

B.     Provost’s Report

1.      Nothing to report. 

C.     CFO’s Report

1.      Valenzuela provided handouts with estimated figures for full ride scholarships for four years.  EC will review the cost estimates. 

D.    Associate Provost/Dean’s Report

1.      Classes started at RGC on Monday, January 14, 2013.  Orientation was held on Saturday, January 12.

2.      RGC staff raised some concerns about security issues at RGC campuses.  Sorrels is looking into establishing security cameras in areas.

E.     CIO’s Report

1.      Gudena requested that all VPs double check with their divisions to make sure that their websites are ready to go live.

F.      VPEM’s Report

1.      Freshmen Inquiry Campaign – Two campaigns from BCM currently running.  There is a check applications status campaign.  Cullins kicked off inquiry that provides ways for prospective students to communicate with Sul Ross.

2.      Groves reported that an analysis shows that students at Sul Ross have historically registered late for classes.  She provided a comparison of two weeks before classes start for Spring 2011, 2012, and 2013 that shows uncertified data of registered students.

3.      Groves provided a list of students that have signed up for the 10% discount for housing. 


V.                New Business

A.    Positions and Position Title Changes

1.   Posted Positions

a.       GIS Lab Technician Adelante Tejas – This item was tabled pending completion of steps outlined by Gudena. 

2.   Recreations Sports Director – Approved for Advertising 1-9-2013 via phone conference.  Thurman will review the job responsibilities with Leo Dominguez in order to meet the scheduling needs. 

3.   Data Tracking Specialist CSI formerly Rebecca Hart request to advertise.  EC approved request to advertise.

4.   Graduate Center staff member Shannon Stockbridge – Groves requested to promote from Data Tracking Specialist to Graduate Center Student Support Coordinator.  EC approved request, Groves will follow up with HR.

5.   Counseling Center – request from Helen Crane to remove herself from Counseling Center as Director.  Thurman will follow up with Leo Dominguez for a recommendation.

B.     Senate Finance Committee Hearing Request for information (pages 4-21) Valenzuela provided the information that was presented to the Legislature in 2011.

C.     Top 25% or 10% Scholarships per Groves we will offer $250 in the Spring 2013 and an additional $250 for the Fall 2013 for students that qualify.

D.    Piano Academy per Dr. Thurman – Instructor Lana Potts has provided a proposal that would allow for grade school students to learn Piano lessons from our music students.  Valenzuela reviewed the numbers and questioned if the figures were accurate.  Thurman will have Potts review the numbers.  EC approved pending the review of the numbers.


VI.             Next meeting date and time?

A.    January 29, 2013


VII.          Adjourn 12:00 pm