Tuesday, February 5, 2013

9:00 am


In Attendance:  Ricardo Maestas, Quint Thurman, Chandragupta Gudena, Paul Sorrels, Yvonne Realivasquez – recording.


I.                   Announcements & Development

A.    Maestas announced that Dr. Thurman will lead the search committee for the Head Football Coach/AD.

B.     Sorrels announced that he had a meeting with SWTJC to implement the Emergency Response plan.

C.     Sorrels announced that they only dropped 20 students for non-payment.

D.    Sorrels will attend Chamber of Commerce banquets to represent SRSU in the community.

E.     Sorrels has also made himself available for “Conversations with the Faculty” to discuss concerns or issues.

F.      Gudena announced that the new website is live and OIT is working with departments to fix broken links.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    1-8-2013 EC approved

B.     1-15-2013 EC approved


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

A.    List serves Email System – Gudena reported that they are exploring an online virtual bulletin board. Posting will be moderated to prevent inappropriate information. We will test the bulletin board with students to determine how and if it is working for our needs. This will be in beta until further notice. Maestas also raised the concern that all emails are moderated and would like to explore the possibility of allowing certain users to have access without moderation. Maestas also asked for a staff only list serve to be available.

B.     Competitive Scholarship Language – EC tabled pending review.

C.     Employee Tuition Waiver for Dependents – Tabled Pending legal review.

D.    Faculty Handbook 3.01 Library and Information Technologies – EC approved pending review by Valenzuela.


IV.             Reports

A.    President’s Report

1.      P-Card Audit will begin in the next few days.

B.     Provost’s Report

1.      Tenure and Promotion process has begun. 

C.     CFO’s Report

1.       Not in attendance.

D.    Associate Provost/Dean’s Report

1.      Nothing to report.

E.     CIO’s Report

1.      IT created a fact sheet that shows a four year period of services provided and response percentages, Gudena provided a copy to all EC members. 

2.      Gudena reported that Touchnet will begin in mid-February.  This project has a potential saving of over $100K.  This will allow for a payment plan and secure processing.

3.      We must move over to the new blackboard system by September.  We would like to bring in a group to train the faculty for online courses and development.

F.      VPEM’s Report

1.      Not in Attendance


V.                New Business

A.    Positions and Position Title Changes

1.   Requests for positions/changes

a.       GIS Lab Technician Adelante Tejas – This item was tabled pending completion of steps outlined by Gudena. 

b.      Request to advertise for GEAR UP Director – formerly Aster Trevino. EC approved.

c.       Resignation letters from Garcia and Brown.  Non-renewal recommendation for Schroeder.  EC accepted the resignations and recommendation for non-renewal.

d.      Request to advertise for Head Football Coach/AD – approved via email 1-30-2013.

e.       Request to change titles for Dr. Donald Freed, Dr. Amy Moreland, Dr. David Watson, and Dr. Jim Case. EC approved the requests pending review by HR for notification purposes.

f.       Request to revise position description for RGC Media and Outreach Coordinator – Sorrels proposed that the position be combined to put the functions together. Sorrels will send Judy Perry the proposed job description. EC approved pending review by HR.

g.      Request to transfer Kevin Gonzalez to SBDC Uvalde and request to advertise for SBDC RGC in Carrizo Springs.  EC approved the request.

h.      Request to advertise for Network-Systems Administrator formerly John Rayburn.  EC approved the request to advertise.

i.        Request to fill vacancies in Physical Plant – EC approved the request to advertise for:

1.      2 Painters

2.      Maintenance Worker

3.      Groundskeeper

4.      Custodian

j.        Request for Early Retirement Program – Ira Blanton EC approved and accepted the participation.

k.      Voluntary Separation Program – Received 6 applicants, 2 withdrew.  Beverly Six, Nancy Antrim, Barney Nelson, and Avinash Rangra.  EC accepted all 4 applications.

B.     Mountainside future – Gudena reported that there are three people for Upward Bound.  There is no fiber or infrastructure that allows for the internet.  The fiber went down.  Gudena requested to know if the building will continue to be operational.  Maestas requested that we find a new office location for Upward Bound.  Gudena will also explore options for internet connectivity.

C.     Biomedical hazardous waste (Contract) – John Hughes has been collecting medical waste and taking it to the Pearce Clinic.  The amount is exceeding the approved amount.  EC approved the new contract to increase the amount allowable.

D.    Grant incentive policy for Deans – Deans would like to know if they are included in the grant incentive policy.  EC agreed that Deans are included in the policy.  Thurman will make the change in the policy and it will be published on the APM website.

E.     Proposed policies in OIT – EC approved the following policies. These policies were taken directly from our sister institutions and recommended by our system auditor.

1. Environmental Security APM 7.13

2. Physical Access APM 7.14

F.      Proposed policy at RGC to replace outdated APM. 

1. 6.08 Library policy - EC agreed that it will be added to Chapter 2 of the APM.

2. 6.07 Closing Classes – EC removed this policy from the APM but suggested that the procedures be practiced informally.

G.    Proposed policy changes in general APM

1.  Housing Policy – APM 4.06 EC tabled pending review by VPEM.

2.  Scholarship Guidelines – APM 2.22 EC approved this pending review by VPEM.


VI.             Next meeting date and time?

A.    February 12, 2013 – later cancelled.


VII.          Adjourn 11:35 am