Thursday, March 21, 2013

1:30 pm


In Attendance:  Dr. Maestas, Chandragupta Gudena, Quint Thurman (called in), Cesar Valenzuela, and Ana Dragoo (recording).

The meeting started at 1:30 p.m.


Discussion before the start of the meeting:

Dr. Thurman called in from Dallas where he was attending the ACJS (Academy for Criminal Justice Sciences) annual meeting.  He was scheduled to meet prospective applicants for Criminal Justice positions.


Dr. Sorrels was not able to attend as he was meeting with Dr. Kinucan and Dr. Warnock at RGC, Uvalde.


I.                   Announcements & Development

A.    Sully Showcase April 6, 2013

Dr. Maestas said he would be attending but Chandragupta Gudena would be in Philadelphia.  Denise Groves will also be there and then head out of town.

B.     Campus Awards and Retirement Reception April 17, 2013 at 2:00 pm in the UC.

There was short discussion about who had employees retiring. 

C.     Administrative Professionals Luncheon April 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm in the President’s Backyard.

Dr. Maestas said that all EC members should be present at the Administrative Professionals Luncheon.  We usually have about 100% turnout. 


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    2-5-2013

EC Approved


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

A.    Virtual Bulletin Board – EC tabled pending more information.

Gudena said that he sent the options out by email but didn’t receive feedback.  The capability exists for some individuals to be approved to send emails directly however every time the system is synchronized the settings will need to be reset.  Yvonne Realivasquez and Steve Lang have the moderator status.  The item will need to be kept on the agenda and needs to be voted on.  Gudena will resend the information.

B.     Competitive Scholarship Language – EC tabled pending review.

C.     Employee Tuition Waiver for Dependents – Tabled Pending legal review.  Legal

advised that this is not allowable by state law.

D.    Faculty Handbook 3.01 Library and Information Technologies – EC approved pending review by Valenzuela.

EC tabled pending review.

E.     Dell VDI Pilot Labs at RGC – approved via Email 3-7-2013

The project is moving forward.

F.      Budgeted Enrollment projections per TSUS – Request by Cesar for EC projections.

Valenzuela said he needs a response to questions on handout.  Valenzuela discussed the handout regarding strategies to deal with the revenue shortfalls.  Dr. Maestas discussed how Denise Groves got the numbers based on average return for fall and for spring to come up with 19-20% as a projection.  We have never seen as big as a drop as in the fall 2012.  Valenzuela said he feels more comfortable if Denise Groves provides the enrollment numbers.

G.    Set initial Fall 2013 Due Date

EC approved to set a payment due date and include it in all of the communications.  In a memo from Oscar Jimenez to Cesar Valenzuela, the new installment plan changes from three payments to four installments.  This should reduce the list of unpaid balances as well as the number of short-term loans.  The payment plan includes a $25 fee to the student that is non-refundable.  Both Alpine and RGC will use the same payment due dates. 

There was discussion about how the fee that Visa charges will be handled.  The contract will be reviewed by Valenzuela.

Touchnet is already being used for cashier payments.  The benefit is that it can be used for other payment charges that require cards as well as accept payments using Check, Debit cards or ACH.  This needs to be reviewed.  It will be easier for students and parents. In additional, we can offer payment plans for fees and tuition.

H.    Review Budget impact of Fall and Spring Enrollment Drops

Valenzuela discussed handouts to show 2013 and 2014 semester credit hour projections for revenue for Alpine and RGC.  Also included were budget comparisons with actual enrollments, major fees and budget reductions.

I.       VSP Extension and Applications – Kay Whitley and Mazie Will.  Mazie Will withdrew her application.  Kay Whitley has not.


IV.             Reports

A.    President’s Report

1.      Nothing to report.

B.     Provost’s Report

1.      Dr. Thurman discussed developing an incentive for out of state and international students.  It would be a $1000 scholarship with the student providing 150 hours of service credit to the department.  It must be considered competitive and open to all students to apply.  It will be turned over to Denise Groves because waivers are granted from her area.  Auditing will need to be involved as well.  This will help the student and the department.  With the student being involved in the department, it also increases retention.  It will be discussed further.  Dr. Maestas will discuss it with Denise Groves. 

C.     CFO’s Report

1.      Valenzuela mentioned that he has a temporary assistant, Mary White, working about 30 hours until Tammy comes back at which point the position will become student employment. 

2.      Valenzuela discussed the UTEP proposal.  Said these are rough numbers.  The proposal includes such items as rent, food service, use of Jackson field, Graves-Pierce and other buildings.  Valenzuela also added that Sul Ross might consider working with the public schools (use of fields and bus rentals).  The numbers discussed were for costs of three weeks.  These will be revised for two weeks instead.

D.    Associate Provost/Dean’s Report

1.  Not present.

E.     CIO’s Report


·         Banner reporting instance is ready and data refreshed nightly

·         Customizations to course catalog completed on Banner Self-Service. Data cleaning being done by EM staff. Link:  https://wss.sulross.edu/pls/PROD/zwckschd.p_disp_dyn_sched

·         Printing Core curriculum on transcript: issue resolved from OIT. Continued upkeep to be done by Registrars.

·         Visual display upgrade project for RGC ITV classrooms completed

·         New multi-functional panels installed in 15 smart classrooms in RGC

·         Cellular signal booster installed and working on Uvalde campus

·         Old email server has been shut down: 4.5 months of advertising done.

·         Touchnet Marketplace, BCM and Banner Advancement can automate and increase fund raising provided the data is entered in Banner

·         Over 100 patched and upgrades installed for various modules in Banner



·         Touchnet Marketplace, BCM and Banner Advancement can automate and increase fund raising provided the data is entered in Banner

·         44,315 people visited SRSU website since we went live. Total number of visits: 119,635 (71% returning and 28.9% new visitors)

o   Bounce rate is 34.6%. National average is 40-60%.

o   Lower bounce rate means better usability of the website

o   Lower bounce rate is also an indication of visitors staying longer on our website.

·         BCM training in 1st week of April

·         Banner strategic roadmaps are ready and will be presented to EC on April 16. Will send the final document soon.

·         Annual security report from ISO submitted to President

·         ITV issues for HITAP grant resolved

·         SharePoint will become the document repository for SRSU and we will also have mysites: individual websites for faculty, staff and students. We are going to start with creating folders for EC, various colleges, faculty assembly and senate. You can store minutes, add calendar events, documents, and share documents electronically

·         We are wrapping up the first phase of Blackboard LMS, which is primarily the setup and configuring the technology and integration aspects of Blackboard 9 in the cloud. After this is done, we will initiate communications with faculty. Working with Dr. Rubenser and keeping the faulty assembly in the loop. Attached is the timeline.


Blackboard 9 Migration

Timeline of Milestones (as of 3/1/2013)

1.      Setup

a.       Configuration and setup of both testing and production environment for hosted Blackboard 9

b.      Timeline:  2/15/13 – 3/29/13

2.      Course Migration

a.       Batch archiving, submission to Blackboard, and restoration on hosted server of courses

b.      Timeline:  3/1/13 – 3/29/13

3.      Training and Communication

a.       Create testing scripts, documentation and training materials

b.      Create and distribute documentation to faculty and students

c.       Conduct training sessions for LTAC student workers

d.      Conduct training sessions, orientation sessions, one to one assistance and verification for faculty at department and individual levels

e.       Create blackboard orientation and “how to” course

f.       Timeline:  3/30/13 – 8/1/2013

4.      Verification

a.       Ongoing documentation, training, and quality assurance (QA)

b.      Batch archiving of live/active courses, submission to Blackboard, and restoration on hosted server of courses

c.       Summer pre-launch – continuing quality assurance, website change, live testing of select summer online courses with faculty and students (voluntary)

d.      Timeline:  5/28/13 – 8/15/13 and continuing through Summer I and II sessions

5.      Go Live

a.       Shutdown local system

b.      Go Live: Fall 2013 with all active/live online courses fully migrated to Blackboard 9

c.       Timeline:  8/1/13 – 8/15/13


Projects in Progress

Blackboard LMS                                                                    50%     8/15/2013

Touchnet (Phase 1): eBill, Bill Pay, Payment Plans                10%     5/21/2012

Touchnet (Phase 2): uStores, Marketplace                              5%       8/15/2013

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:

Hot Site in Del Rio                                                                 80%     6/1/2013

Computer refresh                                                                    10%     8/15/2013

Office 365 (SharePoint and Lync)                                         5%       10/1/2013

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure                                               5%       5/1/2013

Online Pay-Stub using Banner SSB                                       95%     4/26/2013

Phone billing software (already in use)                                   90%     4/30/2013

Computing infrastructure (labs., network, servers, etc.)

setup for CSI grant in BAB                                                    50%     Depends on facilities


Active Directory cleanup and streamlining                            10%     7/1/2013

                                    Clean Address                                                                        0%       Depends on when PO is


Gudena said of the website that some content managers are getting very creative with their sites.  Dr. Maestas has had positive comments on the website.

F.      VPEM’s Report

1.      Not present


V.                New Business

A.    Positions and Position Title Changes

1.   Requests for positions/changes

a.      Request to advertise for Administrative Secretary in Language and Literature formerly Veronica Alvarez. Approved via email 3-18-2013. 

b.      Request to advertise for lecturer in English to replace one of the outgoing faculty members and to cover the other classes with adjunct assistance. Approved via email 3-18-2013.

c.       Request to advertise for a full time tenure track faculty member in Languages and Literate in Spring 2014.

EC approved.

d.      Request to advertise for NRM Agri-Business Lecturer/Instructor and Animal Science – Exotics Lecturer from ANRS. 

Position needs to be funded.  EC discussed the need for diversity within our faculty ranks. 

e.       Request to advertise for NRM Wildlife Assistant Professor from ANRS.

According to NRM, it will not cost the university any funds for three years.  Dr. Maestas said the University needs to see proof of funds available to fund the position.  If the funds are available, then EC will approve but not until there is evidence of available funding.

f.       Request to hire lecturer for Geology Courses – Jessica Kelsch

Both Dr. Maestas and Dr. Thurman agreed that they would like to see two or three enrollment periods to be able to justify hiring someone.

Tabled for further review.

g.      Request to advertise for QEP Director to replace Donna Greene.

EC approved

h.      Request to hire Gregory Tegarden as Part-Time Lecturer in Art-Ceramics. (pages 10-11)

Tabled pending info from Dr. Thurman.

i.        Request to advertise for Assistant Football Coach/lecturer.  Approved via email 3-6-2013.

j.        Request to advertise for Head Volleyball Coach/lecturer

Approved via email 3-6-2013

k.      Recruiter formerly Joyce Sanchez – request to advertise

Approved via Email 2-19-2013

l.        Request to advertise for recruiter formerly Violet Urquidez.

EC approved.

m.    Request to advertise for Data Tracking Specialist HITAP formerly Gwen Sullivan.  EC approved.

n.      Request to advertise for McNair Data Tracking Specialist half-time formerly Marcha Cox.  EC approved.

o.      Request to advertise for Gear Up Project Assessment Manager formerly Patrick Clingman.  EC approved.

p.      Request to advertise for Lecturer of Education at RGC.

Tabled pending Sorrels input.

q.      GIS Lab Technician Adelante Tejas – This item was tabled pending completion of steps outlined by Gudena. 


B.     Request to nominate Regents Professor. – David Rohr

EC approved to move forward with David Rohr as the nominee for Regents Professor.  Bob McLean, current TSUS Regent’s Professor and expert biologist is tentatively being invited to campus in late April to provide a talk to the campus community (and interested local residents) on a topic of general interest having to do with microbiology in space.  McLean will also be available to meet with Dr. Rohr.

C.     College for all Texans Senior Citizens Eligibility per THECB.

EC approved to adopt and have Denise Groves write a policy.

D.    Annual Racial Profiling Report for 2012 provided by UDPS – no action needed.

Everyone received a copy of the report required by law.

E.     From Deans Meeting: Request for EC Review from Dr. Sorrels - Fees for graduation.  Under the heading “Optional Fees and Deposits”  is three fees:

1.Graduating in Absentia – which Dr. Thurman suspended

2.Graduation by deadline - $30

3.Graduation after deadline - $55

a.       In the RGC catalog the fees are $25 graduation fee (for diploma) and $50 late fee.

EC Tabled pending information from Dr. Sorrels           


VI.             Next meeting date and time?

A.    March 26, 2013 at 8:30 am


VII.          Adjourn 4:30 pm