Tuesday, May 7, 2013

9:00 AM


In Attendance: Ricardo Maestas, Quint Thurman, Denise Groves, Cesar Valenzuela, Paul Sorrels and Chandragupta Gudena – via telephone, Yvonne Realivasquez – recording.


I.                   Announcements and Development

A.    Late Night Breakfast went well although there appeared to be less students.

B.     Campus Cookout Wednesday May 8, 2013.

C.     SRSU is on the agenda for the City Council meeting this evening.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    4-16-2013 EC Approved

B.     4-30-2013 EC Approved


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

A.    Print Shop University Use – Tabled pending proposal from Marketing Committee.

B.     Employee tuition discount – EC discussed that this “Lobo Family Discount” will be for the summer only, we will charge $75 per SCH which represents the minimum state tuition of $50 plus $25 in Designated Tuition, all other fees are waived for each family unit up to 6 SCH.  Only classes which have been filled with regular students are eligible for this program.  The Registrar’s Office will notify the campus community of available classes. This will be reassessed at the end of the summer. EC approved.  Valenzuela will coordinate with HR for forms.  

C.     Signature Authority Policy – tabled pending additional research.

D.    SD Technologies Security for Lobo Village including swipe cards and video monitoring – Valenzuela reviewed the agreement and recommended that we move forward with the agreement for one year, he suggested that Chaszar begin looking at his budget to plan ahead for this.  This agreement will cover all buildings that have swipe cards and cameras. EC approved to use this for one year and evaluate the services after that time.

E.     Alpine Cowboys – request approval to place sign at Kokernot Field indicating their intent to apply for a license to sell alcohol. EC approved the request based on advice from legal.


IV.             Reports

A.    President’s Report

1.  Regent’s meeting will be held on May 23 and 24 in San Marcos.

B.     Provost’s Report

1.  Thurman reported that the faculty assembly has agreed to work with Helen Crane for a first year experience freshman seminar.  Maestas would like to include an exam taking portion. Maestas further mentioned that in the future we could potentially include something that is discipline specific for departments. Maestas was also concerned that we should include diet and nutrition as a part of how to survive college. EC approved the concept. All freshmen will be required to take this course. Grant will fund the development of the courses but this will be continued as a regular course section. 

C.     CFO’s Report

1. Valenzuela reported that the ARAMARK contract extension was approved by legal and by ARAMARK.  It will go to the Board of Regents at the end of the month for their consideration.

D.    Associate Provost’s Report

1. Nothing to report

E.     CIO’s Report

1. Sharepoint is ready, EC and some faculty members will be piloting this by mid-summer.

2.Lync is also being developed for instant messaging.

3.Blackboard course migration and course integration has been completed.  All OIT resources related to this are going to training faculty.

F.      VPEM’s Report

1.  Groves reported that Summer numbers show an increase of 19% as of May 6, 2013 comparisons from 2011, 2012, and 2013.  Seniors continue to be of concern because of the 120 hour rule from the legislature. There are numerous grad students that have not pre-registered.  We have a large number of freshmen coming in this summer. Fall apps show an increase of 32% from last year. Groves reported that we 803 incomplete applications and her staff have been in contact with them to get them to complete the process.

2.Financial Award letters went out last week.  However, the shopping sheet may be a sticker shock for some. 


V.                New Business

A.    Position and Position Title Changes

1.   Second request approval to appoint Visiting Assistant Professor of English at $45,000. With moving expenses. EC approved.

2.   Library Director of Technical Services – formerly Ross Burns, request to advertise with start date in the fall.  EC approved with salary at step one.

3.   Request to advertise for ACE Mathematics lecturer – formerly Jason Leyva.  EC approved the lecturer position.

4.   Groves reported that she will begin looking at the customer service specialists – One- Stop Shop reorganization.

B.     Lobos at Cowboys Stadium – Tabled pending review.

C.     Noel Levitz – RGC will have separate plan. Groves will visit with Culver to determine what the needs are for RGC.


VI.             Next meeting date and time

A.    May 14, 2013

B.     Adjourn at 10:38 am.