Alpine, Texas  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

9:00 AM


In Attendance: Ricardo Maestas, Quint Thurman, Cesar Valenzuela, Denise Groves, Paul Sorrels via ITV, Yvonne Realivasquez – recording.


I.                   Announcements and Development

A.    Board of Regents meeting is scheduled for August 15 & 16, 2013 in Alpine, Texas.

B.     Groves said that our enrollment numbers are consistently showing an increase from 2011 and 2012.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    8-5-2013 Tabled


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

1.Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Tuition for dependents – After discussion, EC decided to keep the Lobo Family discount for dependents.  The tuition costs associated with this will be $95 per SCH for fall 2013 and spring 2014 which provides a discount of close to 70% at Alpine and 40% at RGC based on associated fees for each campus. Assuming designated tuition increases again EC will review the fees in the future.

2.Tuition for SWTJC employees at RGC – SRSU discounts are comparable to the SWTJC discounts. No action needed.

3.Tuition for SWTJC employees at Alpine. Tabled pending more information.

4.Lobo pride day – Thursday 9-12-13 and Friday 9-13-2013 has been approved as an official travel days but employees must fill out a travel voucher to show that they are going to the game but this will be non-reimbursable travel expense.  The purpose of the travel form is to have an official administrative notice that shows employees are going to the game. University vehicles are permitted to be used by student organizations at RGC since they do not have a bus like the Alpine campus.


IV.             Reports

A.    President’s Report

1. Tabled

B.       Provost’s Report

1. Tabled

C.     CFO’s Report

1. Tabled

D.    Associate Provost’s Report

1. Tabled

E.     Interim CIO’s Report

1. Tabled

F.      VPEM’s Report

1. Tabled


V.                New Business

A.    Personnel Items

1.               Request to reclassify museum support staff – tabled pending additional information.

2.               Interim Technical Theater Director request for one year appointment – EC approved the position to be filled at $24,000. Classes will be covered by adjunct professors and this position will be re-evaluated at the end of the year appointment. 

3.               Biology – formerly Jackie Denson request to advertise for temporary replacement until a full search can be completed. Will advertise for full time replacement as soon as possible. EC approved.

4.               Education – formerly Julie Stephan request to advertise for replacement. EC approved to advertise this position.

5.               Ranch Manager Position – EC request for approval to negotiate salary. EC approved. 

6.               Counseling Secretary formerly Diana Smith, request to advertise EC approved to advertise.

7.               Testing Coordinator formerly Susan Fox Forrester request to advertise. EC approved the request to advertise.

8.               Head Soccer Coach – approved to hire at $12,000 for part time.

9.               Administrative Secretary at Accounting formerly Rolando Hernandez. EC approved request to advertise for position.

10.           Assistant Director of Housing formerly Jessica Gonzales. EC approved request to advertise for position.


VI.             Next meeting date and time

A.    August 20, 2013

B.     Adjourn at 11:50 AM