Alpine, Texas  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

9:00 AM


In Attendance: Ricardo Maestas, Quint Thurman, Cesar Valenzuela, Denise Groves, Paul Sorrels – via ITV, Yvonne Realivasquez – recording.


I.                   Announcements and Development

A.    Board of Regents meeting went very well; our grounds and campus were well received.

B.     Classes start next Wednesday for Fall 2013. 

C.     Newcomers breakfast will be held on August 26th in the UC.

D.    Faculty Staff meeting will be held on August 26th at 9:00 in Marshall Auditorium.

E.     Aramark is beginning work on the dining area; completion is expected by the beginning of the semester.

F.      SWTJC is having their opening convocation this morning. Sorrels will attend on behalf of SRSU.

G.    RGC Faculty will be invited to the Alpine Campus for Blackboard 9 training.

H.    RGC SBDC Lease has been sent via mail for signature.

I.       Groves announced that she will have a workshop for Enrollment Management in Alpine, she will also plan to go to RGC for a training.

J.       Last Registration Day will be this coming Friday. Lobo Days will begin on Saturday. Move in will be on Saturday.

K.    CIO Candidates will be on campus over the next two weeks.  Interview schedules are being made.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    8-5-2013 Tabled

B.     8-13-2013 Tabled


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

1. Nothing to report      


IV.             Reports

A.    President’s Report

1. Tabled

B.       Provost’s Report

1. Tabled

C.     CFO’s Report

1. Tabled

D.    Associate Provost’s Report

1. Tabled

E.     Interim CIO’s Report

1. Tabled

F.      VPEM’s Report

1. Tabled


V.                New Business

A.    Personnel Items

1.Request to advertise for Technical Support Specialist II formerly Adam Heidrick.  EC approved via email 8-19-2013.

B.     Duplicate Diplomas – Request to reduce the costs for duplicate diplomas. EC agreed to the suggestions from the provost’s office.  Ana Dragoo will visit with the alumni office for diploma cover sales. The charges will be changed as follows:

1.$5 – replacement diploma for in office pick up.

2.$25 – replacement diploma with packaging and certified mail.

3.$45 – replacement diploma with packaging and certified mail with tube.

C.     Cesar Valenzuela provided a report regarding the Lobo Alert System. After the alert from this past month, Cesar asked for a memo to be sent to Faculty, Staff and Students to remind them to update their emergency contact information. The President’s office will send the memo.

D.    Scoreboard Estimates have been submitted for Jackson Field.  No action was taken.

E.     Request to approve the no-cost extension for the Lobo Den. Dr. Maestas approved and EC concurred.

F.      Overload pay for grant buyout positions to teach adjunct – EC discussed whether faculty members working on a grant could also teach part time.  This was tabled pending more information.


VI.             Next meeting date and time

A.    August 28, 2013

B.     Adjourn at 11:30 am