Alpine, Texas  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

9:00 AM


In Attendance:  Quint Thurman, Cesar Valenzuela, Dave Gibson, Denise Groves, Jim Case, Paul Sorrels via ITV, Yvonne Realivasquez – Recording.


I.                   Announcements and Development

A.    Sully Showcase will be held April 5, 2014.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    3-18-2014 – Tabled pending review


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

A.    Signature Authority Policy – tabled pending information from Finance Department.

B.     LAR Discussion –No EC Action Needed.


IV.             Reports

A.    Interim President’s Report

1.         Last week the Executive Leadership Retreat went well.

2.         Thurman reported that he will meet with several area superintendents next week to discuss options for HB5 and to look into culinary arts and welding possibilities.

B.     Interim Provost’s Report

1.         Dr. Crishel Cline accepted the job offer to the Education faculty.

2.         All programs have now received an evaluator per our accreditation procedures.

3.         We have submitted our 5th year interim report per John Jones.  Case will work with Jones to determine what is needed for the 10 year report.

4.         Case and Realivasquez will travel to El Paso this week to meet with the HERC group.

5.         Case and Dean Guerrero will travel to Atlanta to meet with the Langston group to develop and promote health related programs. We applied and were accepted to attend the meeting but it does not mean that we must participate in the program.

6.         Case has provided his recommendations for promotion and tenure and merit evaluations to the President’s office.

7.         Case will give testimony at the grievance hearing this week.

8.         In communication with the THECB to get the degree plans in place for the fall semester.

C.     CFO’s Report

1.         We are implementing a change in the way that endowment earnings are distributed to scholarship or excellence funds.  Because we used to invest primarily in fixed income securities, we had a consistent interest distribution.  Most of our endowment agreements called for a distribution to scholarship/excellence funds at 90% of the interest with 10% going back to the endowment.  Because returns in the fixed income market were negligible, we joined other TSUS schools in contracting with an investment advisor in January 2013.  In doing so, we were able to basically mirror the markets with our investments. For calendar year 2013 we earned about 19% in total endowment earnings, much of which is market appreciation.  Valenzuela would like to establish a consistent and level spending policy for these earnings.  For example, we would spend 3% to 5% of a 24 month rolling average endowment balance.  This would better ensure that funds for scholarships are available even in down years. This conflicts with some of the endowment agreements that we have in place right now.  The agreements have outlived their usefulness. Valenzuela will send a letter to donors explaining how the endowment earnings distributions will change moving forward.

2.         Met with Judy Perry about the staff development policy to follow up on the discussions held at the retreat. After a full review of the audit report by Nelson, he added a few items to the modifications of the policy. Employees will need to take the class for a grade, the class must be in a degree program or it must enhance the employee’s current or prospective job duties for the class to qualify under this policy. You can of course still audit classes.  If you take the class and do not complete it, then you have to pay the scholarship back.  We have to ensure that the supervisor has reviewed each class to ensure that the class is in compliance with the policy. EC questioned whether we have an appeal process if the supervisor denies the request.  Thurman suggested that we could have an appeal if the request is denied from the supervisor level.  Valenzuela will bring a draft of the revised policy to a future EC meeting for consideration.

D.    Associate Provost’s Report

1.         Sorrels met with SWTJC about a Title V coop grant.  They are planning to work on a Title V grant initiative again.

2.         Sorrels met with SWTJC to discuss the Eagle Pass expansion.

3.         Stephanie Nelson will be there on the 16th for Risk Assessment.

4.         Thurman offered to be at RGC on April 17th and Sorrels agreed to schedule several meetings for him.

5.         Groves asked about the search for the FA Counselors.  They are calling references to make the offer. 

6.         Sorrels requested endowment reports for the RGC scholarships.

E.     CIO’s Report

1.         Identity Finder – will look for confidential information. Gibson would like to run the program for everyone and send the reports for them.  EC agreed that this was a good idea.

2.         Wireless in residence halls.  After researching other schools in Texas and in the system, there are only 38% of the Texas schools that have wireless.   Would it be possible to have certain areas that have wifi in the residence halls?  Lamar uses routers, Valenzuela requested more information about how that works.  We will also look into adding wifi in the common rooms. EC discussed whether we could offer wifi in a specific dorms at an additional cost (incidental fee).  Valenzuela asked if we could complete the work on TV programming for our halls as the current contract has expired.  Gibson has worked with a company to determine what we need to do to get this done.  Gibson will report more information once he has it.

F.      VPEM’s Report

1.         Service Learning for Grad Students – This would allow a competitive scholarship for students but they would get service learning credits.


V.                New Business

A.    Personnel Items

1.      Request to reclassify Environmental Technician to Environmental Lab Manager and change starting salary. EC agreed to advertise $33.5k - $38.5k and agreed to the title change. Master’s is preferred and would justify the higher salary from the established range.

2.      Request to add Articulation Coordination Duties to Rachel Carvajal’s job description from the Adelante Tejas and CSI grants. This would also include a pay increase to be paid from the grants and will now be $31,118.

3.      Request to advertise for Assistant Registrar formerly Becky Urquidez.  EC approved to advertise at starting rate of pay. EC further asked that the job description include dual credit liaison duties.

B.     PPOHA Grant – If we use RMA, it is institutional funds that we would use to make this payment.  This would be a new Title V grant in Alpine. EC discussed the fees from RMA. Grant directors are supportive of using RMA. EC approved looking into this matter further.

C.     Housing Policy – EC approved the following:

1.      Chaperone Policy – Will now require recruits to have chaperones. 

2.      60/40 Housing Payments – have been tabled until next year.

3.      Provisions to allow students involved in extracurricular activities to stay in residence halls during breaks at no charge if the department justifies their need. This will not include board (meals) since they are closed during the break.

4.      Housing policy will include provision that students are to be held liable for damages if they are more than what is normally expected and covered by the housing deposit.

5.      Housing agreement will include statement that students are responsible for payment of housing in full if they move in prior to the 15th of each month.  If student moves on the 16th or later, they will be charged for half a month.  No exceptions will be made and no prorated amounts will be approved.

6.      Family Housing was approved to admit junior/senior AND 21 and older, non-related students as roommates.  Students must sign lease and will still be responsible for the full amount of rent per month as established by housing rates. Families will be given priority.

7.      Employees living in residential housing – Housing will produce a separate lease agreement for employees with applicable language.

D.    Old furniture – EC agreed that old furniture from mountainside will be donated to the Boy Scout Camp. However, they must sign a release for the items.

E.     Employee and Dependent Tuition Waivers – We intend to offer this again for Summer 2014 for 3 SCH as long as classes comply with the revised staff development policy.     Valenzuela and Perry are working on new language for the policy to include additional information.  EC approved.

F.      SGA Bills:

1.      Visitation Bill – To lift restriction of visitation hours in apartments and family housing. EC approved.

2.      Lobo Quick Charge Stations Bill – To provide quick charge stations in the UC paid by SGA funds. EC approved.

3.      Class Scheduling Bill – Will ask Faculty Assembly and Dining Services for comments about this. Could we work on to-go lunches? EC tabled pending additional information.

4.      Tobacco Policy Enforcement Bill – EC discussed the idea of promoting health awareness. The Academic Planning Committee will look into sanctions from other schools. EC tabled pending additional discussion.

5.      Expansion of Health Services on Campus Bill – Will ask our RN about what he is able to provide and what resources are needed.  This was referred to Leo Dominguez for additional information.


VI.             Next meeting date

A.    April 1, 2014

B.     Adjourn at 10:45 AM