Alpine, Texas  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

9:00 AM


In Attendance:  Quint Thurman, Cesar Valenzuela, David Gibson, Denise Groves, Paul Sorrels via ITV, Aida Luevanos- Recording


I.                   Announcements and Development

A.    Groves announced that move in day registration has been moved to Gallego Center

B.     Thurman, Valenzuela, and Case traveling to Huntsville for the Board meeting next week.  Holbrooks and Dominguez will also travel to Huntsville for a system meeting on the Clery Act and Title IX compliance.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    5-6-2014 EC approved.


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

A.    LAR Discussion – Ongoing.

B.     APM Policies – Externally Sponsored Programs - EC requested the red-line version of the policies and tabled this. 

C.     $1000 moving expenses for Librarians. EC Declined request. Going forward, Thurman proposes the creation of a policy in which moving expenses should only be paid by the department if the Department Director agrees to do so. The executive administration such as Office of the President will match the amount up to $500.

For departments that are in lack of resources, the appropriate Executive Cabinet member would  be contacted to check availability.

Valenzuela will draft a policy for moving expense reimbursement for EC review.

Thurman will contact Case to explain the situation for library.

D.    SBDC Audit – Pending legal review for incentive compensation. Sorrels waiting for review from legal. Tabled.

E.     Bus Usage Policy- Pending legal review of policy. Valenzuela sent to legal review. Legal reviewed and returned the policy as a “Vehicle Usage” policy, since we already have such a policy, Valenzuela has asked Clouse to incorporate the changes from legal into the existing policy.


IV.             Reports

A.    Interim President’s Report

1.         Development Officer search in process. Reviewing applications and planning on interviewing.

2.         Education position needed. The Education Department would like to hire Diana Rodriguez for this position.  Based on information from Scarlett Clouse, Thurman agreed to approve the hiring.

B.     Interim Provost’s Report

1.         Not in attendance.

2.         Valenzuela presented questions from Dr. Guerrero regarding Athletics’ Graduate Assistants compensation and responsibilities, Thurman will discuss with Coach Mesker.

3.         Graduation debrief will be reviewed when Case gets back.

C.     Associate Provost’s Report

1.         Sorrels met with officials from First State Bank of Uvalde to work out details for the scholarship agreement. Official signage pending.

D.    CFO’s Report

1.         Valenzuela reported that M&O and travel budgets for the summer are in process to be loaded.

2.         WiFi and TV contract sent to Apogee for signing. 

3.         Finalizing vending machine contracts with Coca Cola, (SR will receive a 35% commission on beverages and 15% on snacks plus an annual allotment of product and athletic equipment).

4.         Vendor found for bus skinning, working on proposals and designs.  Thurman suggested skinning the regular university vehicles, as well.

5.         Process of rekeying Kokernot Field in process. Valenzuela working along with UDPS.  The AISD has agreed to pay for 50% of the cost.

E.     CIO’s Report

1.         Gibson presented proposal from Big Bend Telephone Co. Other issues such as elevator lines and security lines pending for discussion.

2.         Gibson presented request from Coaches to have WiFi available at Kokernot Field and Jackson Field.  Option available is to have “mobile” WiFi to be installed among the different venues (Kokernot and Jackson Field) and move it as needed.

3.         Extend the use of Blackboard and features. Gibson presented proposal and pricing for package that suits the needs for SR.

4.         Gibson would like to re-initialize the Instructional Technology in ACR 207 to provide training for faculty. OIT is discussing needs with faculty.

F.      VPEM’s Report

1.         Groves reported that enrollment numbers for Fall14, compared to Fall13 we are:

2.         Fall14 shows that we are 27% up in headcount and 56% SCH

3.         Summer I and II shows 8.8 % headcount 5.7% SCH 13.7%

173 Housing freshman apps

17 Transfer Students

      89 Students registered for orientation.

4.         RGC

     Fall 14 shows that we are at 424 headcount 3,177 SCH

           Summer I 501 headcount and 2,154 SCH

           Summer II 361 headcount and 1,542 SCH

5.         Mountainside could be used according to Mark Chaszar.

6.         Groves spoke to Skyline and they are on board with printing their own material to use as teaching lessons for students. The department is interested in buying equipment to be able to do it.


V.                New Business

A.    Personnel Items

1.         David Oesper resigned effective May 28, 2014.

2.         Cory Maples resigned as Carpenter Supervisor. Valenzuela requested that the position be posted. EC approved.

B.     Graduation Debrief tabled until Case gets back.

a.       Designated section for photos needed.

b.      School photographers dressed appropriately.

c.       Thurman advises to prohibit air horns.

d.      Limit seating space for Faculty in order to avoid audience taking those seats.

C.     On Campus Housing Move in Days- Planning ongoing. Groves announced that application will be available online

D.    Print Shop Reorganization Lauren Mendias resigned and Joan Oesper will become the interim print shop manager. Valenzuela updated about leases on equipment at PS. Looking for options of using other university’s print shops during the transition.

E.     Dogs on Campus Policy- Thurman requested a tolerance policy that would allow for visitors to bring dogs on campus. He asked that the current policy be revised and adapted to include some lenience for dogs on campus.  An option could be to have a waiver for visitors and sign a release that places responsibility for dogs with owners. Valenzuela will ask Holbrooks to develop the policy.

F.      Parking Permit/Citation Plan – Thurman asked if a “warning” could be given to offenders in the circle or other visitor parking areas before a citation is issued. After September 1, offenders will be fined. All employees must buy a parking permit to avoid fines. We should also remind employees periodically.    Valenzuela will ask Holbrooks to address this.

G.    Advancement Alumni project- Gibson advised it is good idea have accurate information using alumni finder. Training is needed to roll students to alumni database. Funding was approved to use AlumniFinder.


VI.             Next meeting date

A.    May 27, 2014

B.     Adjourn at  11:00 a.m