Alpine, Texas  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

9:00 AM


In Attendance:  Quint Thurman, Cesar Valenzuela, Jim Case, David Gibson, Denise Groves, Paul Sorrels via ITV, Yvonne Realivasquez recording.


I.                   Announcements and Development

A.    President, Provost, and CFO attended Board of Regents meeting. Dr. Betty Reynard current Provost at LIT was named sole finalist for the presidency at Lamar Port Arthur, succeeding Dr. Sam Monroe. 

B.     Thurman attended the ASC President’s meeting.  They want to expand the conference to include more colleges and universities.  McMurry University and Belhaven College were brought back into the ASC.

C.     Three finalists were announced for the SRSU Presidency. Campus visits will take place during the week of June 9.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    5-13-2014 Tabled pending review.


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

A.    LAR Discussion – A draft of the administrative statement and special items has been submitted to Daniel Harper.  Valenzuela will also send the electronic version to Harper and Cunningham.

B.     APM Policies – Externally Sponsored Programs - EC requested the red-line version of the policies and tabled this. 

C.     SBDC Audit – Tabled. Legal has advised that bonuses are not allowed and thus Sorrels will revisit the issue at a later date.

D.    Bus Usage Policy- After legal review, Valenzuela asked Clouse to incorporate the bus policy into the vehicle policy.

E.     Moving Expenses Policy – Valenzuela provided a copy of the draft policy. Valenzuela will verify state law about these expenses to ensure proper wording, etc.  EC approved the policy.  It will be sent to legal for review once Valenzuela completes his review.

F.      Service Learning Scholarship Criteria – per Case and Groves. Thurman suggested that only full time students would qualify and will be incorporated into the criteria. Groves and Case identified all the courses that would work for this.  The criteria does not allow for online courses. Minor changes will be made and it will be circulated to EC for approval. 

G.    Animals on Campus Policy – Valenzuela circulated the draft policy for EC review.  Tabled pending review.


IV.             Reports

A.    Interim President’s Report

1.         Thurman asked for vacation dates from EC members.

B.     Interim Provost’s Report

1.         Graduation Debrief – Case will provide a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Case will meet with the graduation committee to discuss how to make the ceremony more manageable.

2.         We received the determination letter from the THECB stating that all of our programs slated for closure were reinstated.  We will draft a letter to SACSCOC with a teach-out plan.

3.         THECB Student Success Summit in Austin in July. We will send a diverse group.

C.     Associate Provost’s Report

1.         Sorrels asked if are moving forward on the Castroville lease. Valenzuela reminded that the questions raised by Anne Tarski at SWTJC had been answered and the lease was being reviewed by Gonzalez at SWTJC.

D.    CFO’s Report

1.         At the board meeting, fee increases were discussed.  It will be handled differently in November as we will have to submit a table of all fees before and after any increases with a total not to exceed a number to be provided by TSUS at a later date.

2.         Valenzuela requested data from Groves about interest in the guaranteed price plan in order to reply to system questions.

3.         The budget deadline is July 7, thus as soon as the draft is available, we will need to review and respond quickly in order to meet this deadline.

E.     CIO’s Report

1.         Blackboard additions will be funded through Rhonda Austin’s grant. This will increase our bandwidth. Gibson will keep EC updated about the progress.  Over the next 3-5 years, the grant will cover the costs.

2.         We have several options for putting wireless on the buses. One would allow us to put modems on the buses that would permit students to hook into them with their wireless device. We would have to purchase a data plan to provide this wifi service. Gibson will continue to look for the most viable option.

3.         After meeting with UDPS personnel, Gibson proposed moving the student ID production counter to Lawrence Hall rather than having it in UDPS. Gibson said that they can put students over in LH but it would require student oversight. He has spoken with Mary Beth Marks about managing this service. We will keep the ID counter for faculty and staff in UDPS but students would have to go to Lawrence Hall for their IDs. In addition, Valenzuela asked Gibson to document the controls to be utilized to ensure the integrity of the new system. EC discussed providing cards to admitted students during the summer.  Students in the summer would have a provisional card that would need to be swapped out when they are fully enrolled. Students would be required to fill out a form with their information and sign a provision that states they are responsible for their card. EC approved a 60-90 day card that gives discounts and access to our facilities. EC approved an increase in the ID replacement fee to $10.    

F.      VPEM’s Report

1.         Alpine Summer I 2014 registration shows 662 compared to 602 last year. 3002 SCH compared to 2727 last year. RGC showed SCH 2310 compared to 1827.

2.         Fall is still showing a slight increase as compared to last year.


V.                New Business

A.    Personnel Items

1.         Ranch Manager request for salary negotiation.  EC approved the RM to receive salary as posted and stay in the RM house.  

2.         Request to advertise for Ranch Worker to replace Tony Snyder. EC approved at starting salary.

3.         Proposal to create field maintenance manager and equipment manager for athletics. EC tabled this proposal. EC requested that Mesker prioritize the proposals.

4.         Proposal to increase salaries for athletics graduate assistants. EC tabled.

5.         Request approval to offer Antuan Washington the permanent Cross Country/Track Coach and continue his duties as Director or Recreational Sports. Additional funding will be provided to him for these additional duties. Valenzuela will check on the conditions of employment. EC approved.

6.         Request approval to continue Dee Dee DeLaO as interim tennis coach for another year. EC approved. Valenzuela will check on conditions of employment.

B.     Title V PPOHA – Rhonda Austin and Marilyn McGhee addressed the EC about the aspects of the proposed grant.  They have 21 days to apply for the grant.  Case suggested that Austin search old catalogs for more historical information about why the school for graduate studies was discontinued at SRSU. Any substantive changes in the grant proposal will be sent to Realivasquez for distribution to EC.

1.         The proposal includes sustaining the grant as it currently stands in the graduate center and ultimately adding a College of Graduate Studies.

2.         The current grant will provide funding for blackboard.

3.         The grant would also permit the creation of a course for instructors to take about how to teach an online course. This would also provide additional instructional tech support for online courses.

4.         Austin also introduced four suggested curriculum areas for online development including - Master’s in: NRM, Education with minor in Teaching and Technology, Education in Health and Human Performance, Graphic Arts and Design.

5.         The grant would further provide direct aid to graduate students in the form of fellowships, travel to present research or conferences, and graduate TA positions.

6.         Additional resources would include: faculty salaries and fringe for release for developing and piloting and Library Resources for online and Distance Grad Students.

C.     Sideline Policy Proposal – This policy would allow only authorized personnel to be on the sideline during games. We are concerned about the safety of the spectators and volunteers.  Tabled pending review.


VI.             Next meeting date

A.    June 3, 2014

B.     Adjourn at 11:30 AM