Alpine, Texas  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

9:00 AM


In Attendance:  Quint Thurman, Cesar Valenzuela, Jim Case, Paul Sorrels, Denise Groves, David Gibson, Yvonne Realivasquez – recording.


I.                   Announcements and Development

A.     Presidential Candidates will be on campus next week.

B.     Thurman presented scholarships to Presidio and Marfa students. Groves and Case attended Alpine, Fort Davis, and Marathon awards/graduations.


II.                Approval of Minutes

A.    5-13-2014  EC approved       

B.     5-27-2014  EC approved


III.             Old/Unfinished Business

A.    LAR Discussion – Valenzuela has not yet received feedback from the system office on the submission of the Admin Statement, TRB requests, and the new special item requests. We finished the baseline reconciliation of method of finance and submitted ahead of schedule. Valenzuela asked for Case to provide a new narrative for the special items. No Action needed.

B.     APM Policies – Externally Sponsored Programs - EC requested the red-line version of the policies and tabled this. 

C.     Animals on Campus Policy – Valenzuela circulated the policy for EC review. In general animals are prohibited from campus, but under certain circumstances SRSU would permit certain animals/dogs on campus. Thurman suggested that the wording would include dogs that “are known for a tendency to have aggressive behavior and/or dogs that display aggressive and threatening behavior.”  EC approved pending legal review.

D.    Sideline Policy – per Athletics. EC approved pending legal review.

E.     Personnel

1.         Athletics Proposal – Request to develop a Director of Field Maintenance. EC denied request.


IV.             Reports

A.    Interim President’s Report

1.         Thurman will attend Crane Graduation on Saturday, June 6, 2014. Groves will check if there are any scholarship recipients from Crane for recognition.

B.     Interim Provost’s Report

1.         Case reported that there are several important positions that we have made offers on.

2.         Scott Wasserman’s courses were approved by the Faculty Development Council for Summer I.

C.     Associate Provost’s Report

1.         Sorrels reported that he has entered into a joint marketing project with SWTJC.

2.         Sorrels updated EC about the Castroville expansion. The building is progressing quickly. “Coming Soon” signs are up.  We will submit a request for the Board to approve the lease.

3.         Title V PPOHA grant submission – the grant is for graduate studies only, it will expand the counseling program to Castroville, offer new technology, offer new positions for the life of the grant, equipment expansion, and ultimately also offer a graduate student center. Once the grant ends we will institutionalize some positions.

4.         Details for the scholarship signing are set for the First State Bank of Uvalde on June 12th.

D.    CFO’s Report

1.         Budget Draft should be completed by the end of the week. They will need a review of the budget as soon as possible from each EC member.  

2.         Valenzuela sent a vacancy report to EC for review.

3.         The marquee will be in place next week.

4.         We are still working on the details for another bus.

E.     CIO’s Report

1.         Virus that hit the campus last week has been isolated, but OIT continues to monitor. OIT is also looking into a backup system for the campus.

2.         Summer training will be given to student workers. OIT will pay for meals for the student workers. Gibson requested approval to purchase shirts for OIT student workers to use as uniforms.

F.      VPEM’s Report

1.         Summer numbers show:  0.8% up in headcount, SCH are slightly lower especially in Summer II. Our housing numbers are expected to be higher in the Fall.  We will identify additional options for housing for all students.

2.         Tim Culver will be here this week from Noel Levitz.

3.         Marketing Committee agreed that a virtual walk tour would be beneficial as part of the marketing strategy.

4.         The first SOAR day will be held on June 13th.


V.                New Business

A.    Personnel Items

1.         Education Department Secretarial Position – EC tabled pending additional information.

2.         Lifeguards for Summer Hours at SRSU Pool – Request to hire 3 Lifeguards for 21-25 hours per week.  EC approved via email 5-28-2014.

3.         Graduate Assistantships Proposal - EC asked for additional information to find out how many hours GA’s take per semester.  EC tabled pending additional information.

4.         Request to post for two Tech positions to replace Kandace Floyd and Jason Long. Gibson requested some flexibility to offer at varying salary groups. Positions will be posted as Tech I and II and starting salary range. 

B.     Virus Protection – OIT has identified Malwarebytes as a potential program that we would use for the entire campus for approximately $9,390.00.  EC approved the purchase immediately.

C.     Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research at University of Michigan per Library. The membership would be paid from the Title V grant. EC approved.


VI.             Next meeting date

A.    June 17, 2014

B.     Adjourn at 11:30 am